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Thanks and Struggles – Human Bodies = Human Bodies

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Sometimes before dinner, when it’s my turn to say what I’m thankful for, I mention the thing that I find most immediately abhorrent. If I really, really think about that thing, I am usually humbled by the awesomeness of the context that creates the discomfort, and I am reminded of how amazing the world is.* […]

Thanks and Struggles – Growing stuff

Thursday, June 19th, 2014

Today I am thankful for how much I know about myself and “nature,” how much there is yet to discover about myself and “nature,” and for the hope and faith implicit in the sacred act of gardening. I am struggling with staying true to the 100 day plan I made for work, physical discomfort from […]

Unity3d and Random Number Generators (GUI)

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

I’ve started messing around with Unity3d and programming in C# and Javascript. I can’t find ANYTHING worth while to get me started on Boo, so I’m stuck ignoring what could be potentially be a great language for me to program in. Anyway, I had to piece together a few things in order to write this […]

Positive and Negative Motivations

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

I do this thing that I hate; that I want to change. I do it allllll the freaking time. I do it and I want to stop, but… maybe I haven’t ever stopped because I’ve never had the right motivations. This is what I do — to the detriment of myself and the people I […]


Friday, September 9th, 2011

I built a banjo once. Twice, actually. Neither of them were good. The first time was relatively inspiring, and the second time was absolutely heartbreaking. I have decided to never ever embark on a big project ever again. It’s so discouraging and frustrating and time wasting and blah blah blah et cetera. No, instead, I […]

The Songs You Didn’t Know You Loved

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

One of my new Austrian friends asked me the other day what music I like. I hesitated for a long time and didn’t really give a good answer, though I have weeks of music on my computer that I love to listen to. This post is effectively a mixtape of music that I won’t be […]

Schloss Weitra

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

It wasn’t until I had walked through the entire courtyard, up the stairs, through the iron gate, up the next few stairs, and came upon the courtyard from the second floor did I realize that the courtyard was, indeed, outside. In fact, I hadn’t noticed much about any part of the castle until I took […]

Songs About the Country

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

I live in a very small town. If you didn’t know. I like it. Very much. I shan’t live in this small town specifically, but I do believe I shall live in a small down when I settle down. These are songs about the country. Canadian Goose and Move To Town. I especially like Canadian […]

Osama bin Laden

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

If I were better at drawing, I would post a comic here.  This is how it would go: Frame 1:  A crowd of young adults stands outside the whitehouse.  They are drawn to be hyperbolic ‘college age hippies.’  Dreadlocks, tiedye shirts perhaps, at least one forearm tattoo displaying a cross or silhouette of a crucifix. […]

Kinder Games

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Today I swung on swings in the park.  Someday soon I’ll have to take photos exclusively of the park.  Maybe I’ll do that tonight!  Night photos of a big playground will be sweet. As I was swinging, I remembered a game from my childhood.  As kids we seemed to look for every opportunity to throw […]

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