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Step Towards Peace: 1

By Billy | January 5, 2010

Drink tea.

Drink coffee, drink milk, drink water, drink juice, drink viper blood.  It doesn’t really matter.  Drink something. Really drink something.

You have 24 hours tomorrow, that’s 1,440 minutes.  I promise you that you can find 10 minutes in there to do nothing but sip, smell, taste, feel, swallow, and smile.  It’s not that we don’t have time for doing stuff we probably should, it’s that we choose to not make time.  Not choosing to do something is a choice.

Put your hands on the cup, feel the temperature.  Put your lips to the brim of the cup but do not sip.  Just smell.  Exhale and feel the temperature.  Think about a time in your life that you’ve tasted the taste you’re about to experience.  Think about the number of people in the world that have the exact same liquid in their cup.  Think about the plants, people, animals, energy, and time that brought about your ability to drink.  (You’re cup was made by someone or something, your tea leaves were grown, harvested, carried, packaged, etc., your viper blood came from a viper who had a family…)

Smile.  Smile because the universe works.

Smile because you have told yourself you’re not allowed to frown or worry during your milk-drinking-time.

Sip.  Sip however deeply your body wants you to.  Let your drink sit in your mouth, taste it, feel the cool or heat against your tongue.  What do your teeth feel like at that moment?  Someone else in the world is swallowing the same drink as you.

Smile.  Smile because you are never alone.

Put your cup down.  This is sipping time.  You are protected from the supposed evils in the universe while you are drinking your juice.  Inhale.  Inhale again.  Inhale once more.  Hopefully by the third or fourth time, you’ll actually be breathing.  Have you ever really breathed? It’s the best.

Smile.  Smile because your body works.

Drink again.

This time, be greedy.  Take a deep swig, forget to savor every molecule.  Indulge in it.

Smile.  Smile because you are free.

There is infinite potential in your cup.  The Brownian motion in your drink is ineffably complex.  Chaos is reacting to your infinitesimally small actions between and during sips.  You are the Causer of everything in the future — near and far from you.  You are the Effect of that same infinite.  In this very cup is everything.  You are experiencing complete unity, and you will never fully appreciate it.  You are swirling through existence as the exhale of God.  You are drowning in your own Buddha nature.  You are.  You BE.  You be.

Enjoy your beer for as long or as little as you see fit. Allow peace to sit on the floor with you.  Welcome happiness to your your table.

Smile.  Smile because you are alive.

Smile because you are loved jealously.  (Trust me)

Smile because you can.

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