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Mammon. .בהמות

By Billy | December 27, 2009


the humans of the untied states

the hungry ghosts

the untouchable aching

We are

the air you breathe. The shit you smell. The flesh you rend.  The tears you shed.

We are looking

all. the. time.

for substance.

for truth.

for you.

Where are you?  Whom do you love?

Why are you waiting?

We ache, we cringe, we smile.

We ignore what we defile.

We eat the filth that we create.

We grab the knife to satiate.

We lick the wounds and smile kindly.

We close our eyes and lash out blindly.

The silent thief has bent our vision

and helped us rot in indecision

We wait.

so long as it’s not us that perish.

Your hunger is misguided, child.  Your longings are not true.

You seek to end your confrontation.

Your fight is against you.

-Your longings are misguided.

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