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Wait, who is this?

So perhaps someone might want to seine through this blog to find some less obscure piece of who the author is.  In the same way that a handshake, a smile, a wink, or a footfall can tell EVERYTHING about a person, the smallest of these posts will be infinitely telling of who I am.  (Who and what is “I” ?)

Anyway.  I am going to keep searching through my posts and updating this list.  If you want to understand who I am and how I got here, these might be more obvious than the average cryptic stuff I spew out.   Enjoy?

Yes, enjoy.

Also, keep in mind the dynamic nature of humans.  I have written posts I don’t agree with any longer, I have expressed views I don’t hold any longer, I have been people I am no longer.  You can know a lot about a person by their handshake, but you will never know a person.

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