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and God Noticed…

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Geneis 1:4 …וַיַּ֧רְא אֱלֹהִ֛ים אֶת־ הָאֹ֖ור כִּי־ טֹ֑וב viyar elohim et-ha’ovr ki tov… Viyar is usually translated as “saw.”  God saw that the light was good.  Viyar also means see-to- something.  Like, see to it that our guests have enough food… God created light, separated the light from the dark, then saw to it that […]

Love rymes with a hideous car wreck.

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Jesus blesses the little children. Society oppresses the little children. Strife is coming. Vayelech Avram. Abram WENT. He went not knowing where he was going. He went with reason to believe he’d never see his father again. He went ‘to the place that God will show him.’ He didn’t even know the destination. He went […]

A Dream

Friday, October 30th, 2009

My mother and I were sitting in a parking lot discussing my future. I was feeling pretty hopeless facing graduation soon with a BA in Philosophy and Religion and no idea what to do next. I was getting sarcastic and bitter towards myself, kinda frustrated that my dreams and desires seem to be so worthless […]

Another Quote.

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

I was watching Horton Hears a Who last night. One part really struck me — I can’t explain how much it resonated in me. (By the way, I really, really, really liked that movie.) Anyway. The mayor of this town was told by that his world was in danger by a voice that started coming […]