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I wasn’t ready.

By Billy | October 4, 2011

She entered
and the world would never be the same.
Two thousand days and ne’er a word.
Not even one.
And it wasn’t in the my eyes,
but I was sad and content.

She entered. She took. She left.
It won’t be long now. It can’t belong now.
And of course, it won’t last.

We’ll wait. For just one day.
And as she comes to steal my warmth and woes,
I am ready.

With our frozen tears forgotten,
We’ll dance like starlight on deep waters.
Unsure of our centers, unsure of our druthers,
unsure of our selves.

And we will shimmer, swoon, and shine,
like we have since the beginning.
And when she comes to stop us
Will we then be ready?

Chip away,
chip away,
chip away.
The light will not break through.
But wait! and we are already.
Like we’ve always been.

I can smell winter in the morning crisp.
Come siftly,
I’m ready now.

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