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Hello! Who are you!? No really.

By Billy | June 27, 2008

Hello again. I know I just posted yesterday, but I have had some free time to think and though I’d like to space my posts out, I see no reason not to keep the content flowing for now. In fact, I hadn’t put the connection together consciously, but the very same reason I have refrained from posting little poopy posts saying, “hey guys I’m really busy, here’s a fun link. Watch this video, kthxbiai!” is the blogger about whom today’s post is focused.

Last summer I worked for a real estate company called Elite Homes, working for a realtor who named Christine Richardson. As my family lives in an Elite Home, sold to us by Christine, I can attest that both of these resources are great if you’re looking for a home in the Northern Virginia region.  Anyway, Christine had put me in charge of researching web site traffic— more specifically how to generate it. This is how I first came across Steve Pavlina and

His personal bio is just plain ridiculous. A few of the more notable interesting facts about him are that he’s a colorblind, left handed, vegan, who managed to get himself thrown in jail while still in his teens. He decided to change his ways and graduate college (should I bother mentioning he got into Berkley?) with 2 bachelors degrees……in 3 semesters (having gotten special permission to take more than twice the usual credit load). His GPA was a 3.9 and the last semester was also spent working full time. Though it would have made that part more believable if he had been conducting this experiment during college, but later on he would become a polyphasic sleeper, following a rigid nap schedule that added up to 2 hours of sleep a day. He slept 2 hours a day for a month. Another month long experiment included eating nothing but raw, vegan food. That means no refrigeration, no meats, no dairy, no eggs. He also chose to go without salt, honey or other sweeteners, and no strong spices. He quit his last job in his 20’s (in the early 90’s) and encourages his readers to quit their jobs and never work a day again.

As I said, I discovered this website whilst trying to boost traffic for a website. This page is what I stumbled across. I think his points are spot on, here. Quality over quantity, write for your readers, etc..

I do tend to avoid some of his posts, as I am quickly intimidated by subject matters about which I know very little and have no ingrained interest in. I have read briefly the posts about the Law of Attraction, and Manifestation of Intentions. I probably avoid these, though, mainly because as a Buddhist, I care less for how to attain my goals and achieve my desires, and more for how to live aimlessly and stop wanting. (“The path is the goal,” “That which you are seeking is causing you to seek.”) Either way, the information is well presented and has a good deal of merit to it.

This is, clearly, a personal improvement website. There are some obvious reads if you’re looking to improve yourself: How to become an early riser, how to get from a 7 to a 10, how to find your purpose in life, and plenty of articles about motivation and success. He has a cornucopia of information about dieting/health, sleep, and spirituality/things like extra sensory perception (ESP), as well.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m quite a fan of the whole personal development thing. I make it a goal to develop myself and help other people develop themselves as well.  Wow, I just inserted all those links and.. phew!  At any rate, I encourage you to go explore Steve’s site.  I hope you find something there as helpful as I have!

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One Response to “Hello! Who are you!? No really.”

  1. Lisa Says:
    June 27th, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    … and this is why I love you. Deep thoughts and LOLcat pictures? What more is there to want on a blog, I ask you.

    Thanks for stopping by Snarkypants. Since you are my newest (and most likely cutest) reader, I shall keep on blogging just for you! hehe

    I shall sport linkage soon.

    Peace out,
    The woo-woo chick on the eastern shore