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Life: The Musical

By William Alexander | December 18, 2008

I’ve always known I’m not the only one of my kind, though I’ve always felt like it. The first time I really felt at home, or really noticed that I truly did, was when I went camping with JMU’s Earth Club. Someone brought delicious salsa from a local restaurant and they managed to spill the entire container on the ground. I scream dramatically and run over to the puddle of salsa with a bag of chips. Before I know it, 8 or more people are gently pushing one another away trying to get their share of salsa off the ground. “Ooohpf! That one DEFINITELY had a rock!” I heard my friend Barbie shout. “Where’s that bag of chips?” She continued without skipping a beat. I had one of those oh-my-god-I-am-living-my-life moments right then. As we ate the dirt and salsa, I consciously thought, “Ahhh, I finally have found people like me.”

I’ve yet to find someone JUST like me — and if I do I shall run far, far away, since I don’t think I’d much like my quirks. I’ve found and continue to find people who have similarities to me — deep and surprisingly similar things, but hardly any one person shares the same as me. Imagine a venn-diagram with a trillion circles surrounding one single circle in the middle. At the absolute center of that circle is me, No one has EVERYTHING in common with me. This is true for all of us. I am just a circle around the center of everyone else’s venn-diagram circle, too.

I recently stumbled upon a community of Vegans who love to run barefoot, which surprised me and again, made me feel at home. Today, I StumbledUpon this video and site which made me feel very much accepted and not-at-all-alone.

I will someday write about my dreams of becoming a vagabond — the hope to drop the mask and become a person. But for now, I will let you read this impeccably well written, expressive, and insert-word-that-expresses-how-well-this-guy-said-all-the-stuff-I-was-already-thinking article and be happy with that.

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