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Yes, You Can

By Billy | December 8, 2008

I am in the middle of writing a 4 page paper about Feminism and the Peace Movement, which is something I am actually fairly interested in but I was inspired to write this short post.  The last post I was working on decided to go MIA and I will have to write it when I don’t have exams breathing down my neck.

For now, I will say this:

I looked over to my roommate’s computer just now and saw his little desktop notepad.  The same thing was written three times in a row; nine words in all.  I think it’s important to share them with you all, and give my two cents (the most verbose thing you ever bought for 2 cents…) about it.

Yes, you can

Yes, you can

Yes, you can

First of all, that means… YES.  You’re thinking it’s possible, so it is.  Think positively.

Secondly, YOU can do it.  You, better than anyone else in the entire universe, from the start of infinite time to the end of infinite time can do your thing better than anyone else could.  I’ve heard people say that you need to work on being the best you that you can be, or that in the future you will be you only moreso… Falso.  You are the best you, right now, in the future, and you were the best you when you were you a while back.  Be who you feel like you are.  There isn’t a damn thing in your way preventing you from doing that.  You want to  be something, be it.  As Cat Stevens says, “If you want to be you, be you…There’s a million things to be, you know that it’s true.”

Cat Stevens Knows His Stuff

Finally, CAN.  You CAN.  You will never be forced to do anything in any other way than the way you choose to.  Hopefully we all learn at some point in our lives that existence is full of this freedom of choice.  Whether you believe God imbued you with a free-will, or you are free to make decisions specifically because there is no God, or perhaps your decisions are just a system of cause-effect, you still hold the power to make decisions.  (I should rant about free will soon… a later post)

This also means that other people can do what they want.  We have to let people fuck-up if they want to.  We have to stand in the sidelines and worry about ourselves, sometimes.  It’s not selfish to take care of your beautiful self, and you should realize that sooner rather than later.

So with that.  I bid you farewell for the time.

Thanks, Moose, for the inspiring words.  Yes, you can.  You sure as hell can.  If you want it, do it.  If someone gives you shit about it, they need to break free from their cage of closed mindedness and accept and love you for doing what you want.  What is more beautiful than loving yourself?

Back to typing my paper.

Goodbye, World.

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One Response to “Yes, You Can”

  1. Melissa Says:
    December 22nd, 2008 at 7:41 am

    That Cat Stevens song was in my favorite movie, “Harold and Maude!” Have you seen it? (They sing and dance a bit to this song.)