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YourTurn. A Novel Concept

By William Alexander | December 12, 2008

(Oh how I love a good pun. Okay, onto the post)

This is what’s wrong with the world, she thought as she sorted through plastic and tin to retrieve the full, vibrant roses from the bottom of the trash can. On most days this wouldn’t bother her so much. She would usually just retrieve the flowers and enjoy them for as long as she could. Today was different. There was something about seeing the natural beauty of life buried beneath the manufactured garbage of the world, and stinking heaps of it that struck here more deeply than anything else that could at this moment.

“This is a microcosm of the world”, she uttered audibly to herself.

Suddenly her senses were on fire. the sound of passing traffic screamed in her head. The smell of car exhaust was making her nauseous. She began to shake. Her hands trembled wildly. God help me, she repeated to herself. God help me. God help me, God help me. She tried to close her eyes and disappear to anywhere. Seconds after closing her eyes she felt an immense jolt in her side. Eyes open. She falls to the ground. She had been hit by a bicycle. “Holy shit. you okay?”

Want more? Go write it here. As Cheetah specifies in the rules, the next part that you contribute can only be 160 or fewer characters before it’s someone else’s turn to contribute.

This is the newest addition to, Yourturn.

The idea is simple — we will collaboratively write stories, poems, etc. story together. The general rule is that you may only post one time in a row for each thread, and then you have to wait for someone else to add on. As you can see from the link above, it CAN be simply two people working on a piece together (as Adella and I did through text messages when this story was started) or tons of people can join in. I encourage you all to go start pieces, different genres and unique rules are encouraged as well. I will be working over this New Years break from school on starting some new stuff and adding on to people’s stories. (Brady, I swear I will add on to your story. I promise!)

As I continue to develop YourTurn, I will work on making the style shift from a forum to a wiki-style. Assuming people actually continue to contribute, I will make various “rooms/portals” that will guide you to find the niche you want to write in. Obviously, I will need to make rooms/portals for various content genres and ratings.

I imagine in a perfect world logging onto and seeing this sort of set up. First I choose my content rating — I will probably steer clear of the XXX rated parts, so I’ll go into the R portal. From there I might decide that I’m feeling like a Fantasy genre that day. In the Genre portal, I see that my brother has started a thread with a 500 word minimum and 1000 word maximum. Furthermore, he’s elected the “random word” challenge, which displays 5 random words at the top of the page. I need to use at least one of these words in my addition or else I cannot post it. Additionally, Jim has allowed editing on previous posts (because he started the story, he masters these sort of options). Editing might work in some fashion like this: I am either allowed to add 1000 words as a maximum, or edit 1 word of something already written and add 995 words. I could edit 2 words and only ad 990 words, or something along that sort of algorithm.

Perhaps there will be some sort of point system — you earn 5 points for each contribution to someone’s story you make, but lose 100 points to start your own story. I’m not really sure, yet!

As for now, I will work my hardest to add on to each new post I see up on YourTurn to keep the momentum going. I guess I am closing this post now. Go check it out, register, and contribute!

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  1. xclite Says:
    December 15th, 2008 at 1:40 pm

    Ok, I’ll play.