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A Stupid Timekiller After My Hiatus

By Billy | June 21, 2009

Okay.  So my life has been moving at the speed of light.  I’ve been too busy living (and often away from a computer) my life to sit down and write anything about life.

That said, I have decided to start doing stupid little posts about random interesting things I find.  I have recently fallen in love with’s “big picture” dealie.  That’s where I found out about what I thought was always a mytical sport that didn’t actually exist (like quiddich, hurling, etc.) but it does.  People in the UK legimately do run down steep hills for sport.  The prize is the piece of cheese they chased down the hill, and usually a consolation prize is a concussion and/or broken bones.

It happened about a month ago in May 2009.

Enjoy the video, check out the photos.

And some fiiiine photos.

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