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I want to create

By Billy | September 20, 2009

I want to make,
to have,
to hold,

to shape,
to love,
to mold.

I want to give
and reach
and find.

I want to bend
and stand
and bind.

I want to be
and wait
and try.

I want to hope
and think
and die.

If we think we’ll ever grab it,
our delusions become habit.
Stepping further from the truth
casting off our precious youth.

Hm. That wasn’t nearly the end of the thought that I was trying to put down, but it appears that my soul is finished writing. God, I want to create. I want to make things and look at it and say, “Mmmm. Yes.”
Instead, I am giving up on one of my best creative methods for the time, going to bed. Perhaps this cloud will clear while I’m ignoring it. (Ha.) I need to do some thinking. Learning to accept that the things I do are awesome by their own right is a challenge that I am looking forward to overcoming. Till then I’ll be frustrated sometimes. Like tonight!

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