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The Musical Journey Continues

By William Alexander | January 12, 2009

I am re-instating, just for today, the EPIC POST TITLES like I used to do so frequently.  It will probably pass quickly — I just feel like since I’m starting a new semester I am embarking on something new…

That’s not what this post is about.  It’s just me being distracted.

This post IS about Brett Dennen.  I found him for the first time using Pandora.

He plays very folky guitar, in addition to his unique and sweet voice.  To describe it is to take away from the art, so I’d suggest you listen to some of the free full tracks available in the link I gave you above.

When I listened to his song, “I Asked When” and heard the line saying, “slavyer stitched into the fabric of my clothes,” I knew I wanted to blog about him.  Hmmmmm.  I have a present for you.  Howsabout we let Brett Speak for himself.  You tell me what you think.  I have found a new and hardly put together blog (entirely unrelated to mine) that happens to have found three Brett Dennen albums uploaded to Mediafire ready for trial.  Check this out. I hope this blog continues to upload music I like.


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