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The World’s Day Off!

By Billy | September 22, 2009

Where the heck IS every-one?
She smiled, “they’re out having fun.”
“Today’s the day the world’s on break,
many aren’t even awake.”

I blinked and hardly caught the train
then tried to let it in my brain
“And at the end we all shall dance,
so don’t forget your comfy pants.”

“I guess I missed the memo, then.”
I said and started asking when
she stopped my words so patiently
and ran up to this ancient tree.

She looked at me, then to the sky
I helped her climb, not wondering why.
We soared, the speed with which we rose
and suddenly she gasped and froze.

The world seemed miles down below
we were swaying to and fro.
The moon and sun both there to see
We looked up; she said to me,

“Today the world is on vacation,
letting free imagination.
Let’s not let the moment slip,
you and I deserve a trip.

She plucked four leaves,
one for each hand.
She drew slow breaths
she counted and…

Away she flew, into the sky
the leafy wings helped her to fly.
After quite some time of thinking
and my frightened heart just sinking

I swallowed up my terror there
and threw myself into the air.
She and I together flew
swiftly out into the blue.

We flew over a tiny town
filled with humans, way, way down.
Over children having fun,
play, pretend, laugh, skip, jump, run.

We went high and we sailed low
every place that we could go.
The hours felt like minutes while
we zoomed past the millionth mile.

Today the world had gone on break.
she and I, for goodness sake,
We flew so high, and I forget,
I guess that the sun had set…

Somehow, though, our wings had failed
we fell and screamed, our bodies flailed.
We plummeted on towards the earth
and prayed and hoped for all we’re worth

Please, ground, kiss us sweetly
I am not ready to meet thee.
Our lives flew there right past our eyes,
when you’re falling, how time flies!

The very last thought in my head,
Oh how I long for my warm bed.
And with a jump I wake to see
My dear friend calling me:

“Good morning. I am outside. See you at breakfast.”


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