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Blatherings From Work

By Billy | November 30, 2010

I have a lot of time to think and write at work.  Sometimes it makes sense.  Other times it rhymes.  Sometimes it manifests as this:

The spirit is there.  Well before we manifest.  Our actions reflect our universal aspect of intention.

Try this.  When you hurt, close your senses and ask yourself, “why does this body feel this way?”  Presume that there is a reason.  There is.  Supposing you ate too much, ask yourself why your body was inclined to fill itself, suppose there is a reason.  For there invariably is.  Supposing you ate something that your body disagreed with, what does it mean to have consumed poison.  Why was that thing, which is currently assailing your body, such a place that you might ingest it, whatever it is.  Assume there is a reason.

When you feel relieved, why is it?  Think about it as if there is a reason.

Pretend your body is your soul’s metaphor.  Pretend everything you do is imprinted on a finer, subtler realm.  Pretend you are the imprint.

Pretend every daydream is real and important.

Pretend you don’t know who you are.  Who you’ve been.  How would you think of yourself.  How old are you?  Who do you want to have as a friend.  Pretend you’re the only human in existence and the only one to have ever existed.  Are you now satisfied with the way that you look?  The way that you act?

Are you absolutely comfortable at this moment?  What are the sources of physical discomfort?

Pretend your body is a metaphor for your soul.  What would be the source of discomfort, if your body represented your spirit?  If you were dreaming this reality, how would you interpret the experiences you’ve had today upon waking?

How could you relieve yourself physically?  What is the metaphorical parallel to that action.

When interacting with other people, think about the implications of your actions in the parallel metaphorical, or archetypal sense.  What does it mean to make eye contact with someone?  To avoid it?

Pretend that everyone is the messiah.  Really.  How do you feel about them.  No Messiah can exist without the evil to necessitate it.  Good implies bad.  Life implies death.

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