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Graduation is a silly thing.

By Billy | July 25, 2010

Graduating college is a ridiculous thing to do.

The night before is ridiculous.

The morning before is ridiculous.

The ceremony is ridiculous.

The faux diploma (difauxma?) is ridiculous.

The traffic afterwards is ridiculous.

The idea that you are in some way more qualified to do stuff, ready to move places (emotionally or physically), or that you are more valuable afterwards is ridiculous.

The number of opportunities this planet provides for human beings, especially human beings privileged enough to attend college, is absolutely ridiculous.

By ridiculous, I definitely don’t mean ridiculous. Words are hardly acceptable forms of expression to convey the experiences. By ridiculous, I mean to excuse myself for not being able to wrap my head around much of it yet.

By now, I have finally finished all of the work required of me from college and I have said goodbye to people whom I will never see again. I have also acquired a level of skill that I am finally comfortable with with regards to my ability to pursue an intentional, deep, and life long relationship with learning. I feel as though my last two semesters most fully cauterized those skills.

Furthermore, I have begun to wrap my mind around the necessity of my pursuance of learning and experience. These are some of the most important things for me.

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