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By Billy | January 20, 2010

I fell for the lie of a world where control

was something i held in my hand

i know i will die

if i give up my soul

and let things exist as they’re planned

i fell for the sparkling of choices

and chose to ignore what was coming

i swallowed the barking and voices

i choked hard but just kept on humming

if monsters and demons have ever existed

i know very well on who’s enlisted

and the company bell told thirteen times

the clang was so clear and ironically clean

when compared to the world who had so lost her sheen

where the new had been being now are sights not worth seeing

they are shabby

and cold

and crumbling

when the mudslide subsided

i’d been left divided


and old

and mumbling

there’s a bottle of lightning

under your bed

and you’re thinking it might be

thunder instead

while the difference is real

you’re not going to feel

the difference

if you are dead

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