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Things: We Forget To See God

By Billy | February 1, 2010

In a very similar style to the evolution/discovery of a mantra from a while back…  I am frustrated with my abilities regarding expressing myself.  What do I mean when I say certain things?  A simple expression of how I’m feeling turns out to hold a lot more.  Dissecting my thoughts as follows reveals a bit of hidden wisdom I didn’t know I had.  I wrote the sentence that said best how I felt, examined it, realized it wasn’t complete and wasn’t articulate, fixed the words, and ended up with an answer.  Huh.

I am looking for control

I am hurting and I want something to control.

I am hurting and I imagine that having control will stop the hurt.

I am hurting and I imagine that I can have control over something and that it would stop the hurt, even if I could.

I am always going to be hurting in some way.  Control?  Even if I could have it, the hurting wouldn’t go away completely.

The only source of real comfort is God.  God can and does stop the hurt.  God has the control.

God will heal me.  God will guide me.

God is already healing me, already guiding me.

My hurt is the denial of Jesus’ sacrifice.  The hurt wont exist if I allow Jesus to heal me.  My clinging to control is my denying that God has my life in his hands.

Both parts of this problem are cured by faith.   Faith that Jesus loves me (and the many weighty implications of that love).  Faith that I am not lost, but that God knows exactly where I am going and how to get me there.

Faith is something I can do.  Faith is not passive.  Faith is an action, and an involved one at that.

Take a handle on your faith and you will see the Love and healing for which you have been yearning.

The only thing you can do is transform is your relationship with your God.

Have faith and grow in your God and you will be healed.

Faith in God requires more abandonment of that supposed control.  (Remember that faith involves believing God loves you)

Trusting God’s plans, God’s power to transform, and God’s love is the only source of comfort.

Prayer will comfort you.  Ask for comfort.  Ask for faith.  Ask for trust.  Ask to transform.  Ask to see love.

Pray.  Just pray.

Nothing happens without God.

Prayer is the only thing that acknowledges our powerlessness.   To pretend our finite existence is anything but transient and small is to deny how BIG God is.  What better way to access this un-finite God than to smooth ourselves into the canvas and give God control.  Who are we to pretend we have an ounce of control?

God, help us with our unbelief.  Help us do these things.  Help us forget those things.

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2 Responses to “Things: We Forget To See God”

  1. uga47 Says:
    February 7th, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    I agree with some of this but I have to say that I don’t believe that we are powerless. I think that God gives us the freedom to make our own choices and control a lot of things in our lives in order to allow for us to make mistakes and make our own paths. Yes, I think that God does have an effect on our lives and has a hand in the way things work but I know that I as an individual have the ability to make my own choices and control the majority of what happens to me. With prayer I can gain clarity about things and through faith I can see things from another perspective but none of this will affect the control that I have on my own life, only my mind can be affected by my faith. The choices that I make as a result of this faith are obviously directed by my faith in God, but in no way am I powerless.

  2. Billy Says:
    February 8th, 2010 at 1:29 am

    Interesting! I agree that we have these bodies and these minds and these freely made choices and we have got to USE them. We certainly have power over things like how often we smile, what shoes we wear, what we do with our bodies… in fact, we have a LOT of humanly control over our lives.
    I’d like to know what goes through your head when you say, “I as an individual” with regards to just about anything. It would be nice to waltz through your mind as you contemplated what it meant to be a self, and individual, a “me.”
    When I think about that phrase, I call to mind that I am made of this matter, which is the physical emanation of the Divine. The air I breath, the hands I type with, the papers I sign, these are piece of the Divine rubbing against each other. I am an individual human, but I guess I skim over that and focus on seeing that I cannot make myself separate from my Source.
    We are not powerless within the understanding of being one with and part of the eternal, all-pervading Divine; I would restate my position to say that without God, nothing is possible. We have no power outside of the power G-d gives us. Does that restate it better?