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By Billy | March 12, 2011

Through no fault of his own, the man was hanging on the face of a very tall cliff by just a small root.  His strength and will were beginning to fail, and who should walk past but Jesus of Nazereth.

Jesus looked down and took pity on the man.  He bent down very deeply and offered to help the man.

“You must be willing to do exactly as I say,” explained the Savior, “or else I cannot help you.  Can you do that?”

The man nodded frantically and exclaimed, “anything!  Oh god, yes.”

Jesus replied, “Good.  You’re going to need to let go of the root…”

But even as He was speaking, the man looked down to the sharp rocks below, then up again, then down.  He looked at his hand and the tiny root trembling in it, then up at his Helper.  He looked back down and begins to wimper as he shook his head, “no.”

Jesus sighed and asked, “how could I ever carry you away you if you never release your plight?” and stood up, seemingly taller than ever before, and at that began slowly to walk away, kicking stones over the edge with his head hung low.

OK, so I have no idea where that came from, and I’m 99.9% sure that it’s actually a story that involves Buddha or Lao-Tzu, but since I couldn’t find the original story, I have recreated it and now placed it into the Christian tradition.  This story is about Shame sometimes, but it is also about [anything] some other things.  I think it’s mostly about saying good-bye tonight.

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