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Dear Autumn, Wait. Addendum:

By Billy | September 4, 2011

I asked Autumn to wait and she didn’t.
I begged summer to be but she isn’t.
and the sun comes in at Autumn’s angle
and I don’t listen.
I asked Autumn to hold off for me
but she lives in the bones of the trees
and the stars now can whimper
in a way that summer don’t allow.
I asked Autumn to slow but she hastened.
I waited too long and am chastened.
And I brace for the heat
and I’d roll up my sleeves but I don’t.

I asked Autumn to hold off
she let go.
I asked Summer to wait
she went.

And I stood in the breeze and blew back.
And I stared at the trees amazed.
And I know there are fires waiting
and blankets ready for sharing.
But Autumn holds herself
between where I am and where I will be.
Teasing, defying, denying.
But she is my last ling’ring leaf.
And every one must fall.

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