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You will live free

By Billy | September 28, 2011

I’ve had this quote in my head for days. I couldn’t remember where it came from, and there’s only 1 hit on the net for the quote. I think it deserves a second.

Ladies and gentlemen, the true thing is… I know we’re creating a scene, but creating a scene is not illegal. You were born free, you will live free, you will die free. You are allowed to make a scene. You are allowed to scream for joy. You are allowed to complain, you are allowed to cry. You are allowed to love people, you are allowed to hug people. And we’re starting to live in a world where we’re starting to feel scared. We’re starting to forget just how divine and special we are as human beings. Every single one of you is the only example of you that will ever exist. And there’s not a single authority on this world, especially not private security men, who can tell you how to behave at any time, any place, any where. You are free. You will live free. You will die free. The only chains that exist are in your mind. You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.

If I ever write a post-rock/post-hardcore song it will probably include the audio from this.
Everything is OK

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