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Humble Beginnings: A Legends is Born

By Billy | June 1, 2008

None of this is terribly important. Not in and of itself, that is. Perhaps it was boredom, perhaps divine inspiration; whatever it was, SOMETHING pushed me to the breaking point. That’s right, I’ve broken down and become a blogger. Lucky you. What implications does this have? None. Nothing whatsoever is implied intrinsically by the very fact that I have become a blogger. Whatever you glean from this fascinating and amazing blog, you interpret on your own.

That’s what’s so amazingly crazy about language in the digital age; I’m sitting here pushing these semi-squarely-shaped buttons on my keyboard, which get turned into electrical impulses, translated eventually into a bunch of 1’s and 0’s, then regurgitated back into more meaningful information which paints itself ephemerally on your computer screen. (unless you print my blogs for some reason.. in which case, STOP! YOU’RE WASTING PAPER!) From there, the words fly at an alarming speed to your eyeball, where they get flipped upside down, only to be turned right side up by your brain. Here is where the magic happens; your brain takes these squiggles and identifies them as graphemes; mostly letters. Letters quickly add up to be morphemes, and eventually words! (All this has happened in a fraction of a second) These words don’t mean anything alone. Alone, words are just squiggles and nothing more. (Hence the title of my Blog: The Rumbelow, which is defined as “A combination of meaningless syllables.”)

It is my goal to make these squiggles and colored pixels occur in some pattern that my readers interpret as somehow useful or meaningful, although they are intrinsically, as we Buddhists say, empty. It is my hope that you use me for a source of random interesting information, a cure for boredom, an enabler for procrastination, or even a source of inspiration. It’s important to note, however, that all I’m doing is sending electrical impulses. Whatever goodness this blog “generates” ultimately comes from within yourself.

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