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The Joy of lolcats!

By Billy | June 2, 2008

By my standards, the fact that I am here writing for a second day indicates that this is more than just a random and whimsical project. Granted, I have been thinking about this for more than a year, but I think about a lot of things that I would never actually do. In short, I’m excited. And you should be too! I mean, you (I know nobody’s reading this, but it’s fun to pretend!) get to pour over these words, taking in these terribly important ideas that I have. Who loses here?

Since I am nowhere near having my photos organized and won’t even attempt to begin uploading them onto Rumbelow yet, I will make this post one of those shameless website/service promotion days. What I’m promoting today is something I managed to be totally oblivious to until this year. I hate senseless buildup, so here’s what I’m talking about. lolcats. I love these things. Or, should I say, “lolcats: i wuvz dem”?

This guy is a prime example of what lolcats are all about. Recipe for a lolcat photo:

Ridiculously cute kitty

1) Cute cat picture

2) An added caption referring to the gesture or position of said kitty

3) Horrible grammar and bad spelling

4) Love (This last ingredient is subtle but extremely important)

You can find lots of lolcats on the web. There are even loldogs and lolruses (lolruses is the plural form of lolrus, the lol walrus).



You can either search on Google, for example, to find them, or go to places like and My two favorite lolsites. (I don’t know if that’s the official term for them, I just made it up)

I recently used the following lolcat for my final presentation (about Buddhism) in my Peace/Conflict Resolution class at American University. I was pleased to hear a number of people in the class laugh out loud and one classmate cheered, “yes! lolcats are the best!” The fact that a minority of the class were in-the-know about lolcats is what prompted me to share them with the world. It seems like not enough people know about lolcats; they are ignorant as I was a year ago. I cannot allow this travesty to continue without doing something about it!

Buddha Cat

And on that note, I am going to bring this important post to and end. It’s probably a good thing that I make my first post including pictures an informal one. I hope that I’ll get better at integrating the photos into my posts (they seem very sloppy here and I don’t know how to fix that yet) as I do it more often. practise, praktice, practice!

On that note, I’m done here. kthxbai!

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