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Killer Robots Are Coming!

By Billy | June 3, 2008

Actually, no killer robots are coming. I just wanted to make the title appealing so as to drag you in! Muahaha.

This one’s actually just a post about the ridiculously exciting technology that’s emerging these days. My brother was the one to show this video to me; he said that this sort of work is not atypical of his peers at Carnegie Mellon University. Johnny Lee, the developer of the 3d Wii program I am linking below, graduated from UVA in just 2001, and now is a Ph.D Grad Student at CMU in Pittsburgh. Rather than type your eyes out, I’m just going to show you the video.

This is fairly impressive, in my humble opinion. The applications of this (remember: this was made pre-Wii Fit technology) are plentiful. The one downfall is the fact that this is only compatible with one screen. Fortunately, technology is being developed that allows regular eyeglasses to have a computer-like display on them. The combination of these two technologies will make all sorts of activities possible. Other than making first person shooters, this technology makes tourism and exploration entirely possible. We will even be able to explore places no person has ever stepped, so long as we have pictures of the place…

Now I know these have been long videos so just bear with me. (Note to self: Make pointless blog entry about how ridiculous phrases like “bear with me” really are. Also, find some origins..) I actually have other videos in my head that I’d like to share with you guys that show off the amazing technology we’re up against these days, but I don’t want to be a bore! (I know it’s silly to ask for feedback when nobody reads this, but…) If I should have included more, let me know. The next video was going to be about a type of robot that is composed of many small robots. The video shows said robot walking (crawling) across the room, then being kicked apart into 3 pieces, reassembling itself, and continuing its trek across the room. That kinda calls to mind Terminator (to me, anyway…)

Anyway. I’m just exploring my boundaries and inserting new types of media in the posts. Stay tuned… More interesting things to come another day…

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One Response to “Killer Robots Are Coming!”

  1. xclite Says:
    June 10th, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    I would love to bear with you, but I’m lacking the grizzly disposition required. Horrible puns aside, the second video is pretty awesome, and the kind of thing [i]I[/i] want to do.