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I am a human

By Billy | July 2, 2009

Because I am human
I seem to perceive
this life as just linear
and “me” as just me

because I am human
I try to believe
in words like, “I’m okay.”
and, “please let me be.”

because I am human
the distance seems far
between where we will be
and already are

because I am human
Hmh… privacy
a concept I cherish
and guard jealously

because I am human
I mourn at the sight:
the long road before me
and what was last night

because I am human
I stamp my feet down
and say, “watch out world,
I’m holding my ground.”

Because I am human
it hurts to go back
to retrace my steps
to get back on track

because I am human
the world won’t make sense
so now you’re my neighbor
and we need a fence

because I’m a human
I made those mistakes
so, “just keep on trying,
for that’s what it takes.”

Because I am human,
our family divides
and though barefoot and thumbs up,
we offer no rides

because I am human
I ran from my past
hoping my mistakes
won’t travel as fast

because I’m a human
I’m already there
“there’s a spot by the fire,
please pull up a chair.”

because I am human
I don’t feel relaxed
and so I keep walking
and holding my axe

Because I am human
I’m learning to sit
and quiet my mind
and come to peace with it.

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