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The dragon, the griffin, and the Phoenix

By Billy | August 24, 2009

The road was treacherous. Broken. Thin…
The straight parts crooked,
The wide parts thin.

The dragon of pride and the griffin of weakness clashed an epic tempest.
I did not give in.
Neither one could win.

The dark and dreary, often weary, sometimes cheery — but always the parts that fear me — those chambers in my mind constantly competed, leaving us defeated ’til the battle was completed.

Amidst these rhymes and metaphors are secrets I am better for and whom I write these letters for. These things that I have learned and the patience I have earned and the ways the roads have turned and the bridges I have burned…
These things have fallen into place and slapped me in the face and welcomed me to grace.
They are because of you (and you)… and me. And I thank you for walking this road with me and helping me see that in the “broken” there is beauty.

I didn’t change any piece of this from the original writing, and I don’t intend on doing so. There are parts I could alter to make it more pleasing to the societally constructed rules of aesthetics, but I felt the way I felt and I wrote the way I wrote. I will explain parts that don’t make sense as requested. If you’re reading this, I wrote it to YOU. Please realize your importance, your loveliness, and your capabilities. We are not weak.

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