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On being sick

By Billy | August 31, 2009

Sometimes we face tests in the form of gross sickness but to smile and to bless takes a weight off of your chest. At first I felt defeated; the answer was not greeted with the joy that it so needed, for I was too conceited and my soul call wasn’t heeded. This feeling is a G-d, showing us it’s power while reminding us to flower despite the ugly hour. We learn from this right now or we never learn at all, as we ignore the call while remaining in our ball. The faint voice down the hall, of the loving gentle friend, reminding us to bend and to simply not pretend enhances our awareness of how we’ve been so careless and so I need to share this lesson I’ve been learning. My forehead might be burning, but the gears are slowly turning, reaching for that yearning, that’s why my stomach’s churning. Again the board will read, attend to what you need, your heart and passions feed, they will not mislead. At first I felt disgusting, t’was but foolery and lusting, my seams are nearly busting, just keep being trusting. Respect has been given from the start, it’s natural; a beating heart, it’s sometimes brutish, sometimes smart, but always, always there. Realize, realize, realize. You are worthy, you. You are deserving, you are perfect. Realize. Realize you.

Thank you universe, for germs and bacteria, and spoiled milk, or rotten food, or champagne well past its prime. Thank you for the tools to feel, and brain to realize when it’s time. Thank you, friend, for laying down, and sharing life with me. Thank you for the obvious, which I often don’t see.

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