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My First Film Post

By William Alexander | January 6, 2009

I am a movie snob.  I enjoy most of everything in life, so I wouldn’t say that I don’t like watching most movies, but for me to REALLY enjoy a movie, it needs to be spectacular.  One of my favorite genres is definitely horror.  Zombies, Werewolves, and Vampires are some of my favorite subgenres.  My friend showed me the highly interpretable “Cemetary Man” and I have not been able to find a good zombie flick since.  Sure, I love 28 Days and Weeks later, and the Resident Evil trilogy is definitely stored on my hard drive, but they hardly fall under the same category as Cemetary Man or The Orphanage (or other gems outside of the genre like Fight Club or V for Vendetta).

I am writing this at 12:43 AM.  I JUST finished watching [REC] and I reallly have to say that I am floored.  Totally.  Another thing I must say is that I haven’t really been scared of a movie lately.  The best that can happen is I will momentarily jump at a “BAM” sort of moment, when the monster appears out of nowhere, very suddenly, and the loud noise is more of the scare than anything else.  I didn’t think I could be scared of a movie at all.  That self-image changed about an hour and a half ago.  In fact, my heart is still racing and my hands are still shakey.  All the lights went on the second the film finished, I was so scared.

If you haven’t heard anything about the movie, good.  I hadn’t heard a THING about it until I watched.  I actually stumbled across this film with the movie recommender I use,, and downloaded and watched shortly afterwards.

I will leave you at that.  Go watch [REC] and have your pants scared off.  The footage is unique, the acting is well done, and I have no complaints!  You truly will grow attached to the camera man and reporter who were telling the story that turns out to be the movie.  I’ve seen films like this before (I have yet to see the Blair Witch project) like The Diary of the Dead, and enjoyed the innovation, but not the execution so much.  This was, again, perfect.

I am linking below to the site from which I downloaded the movie.    Go here, download the movie in segments using Rapidshare and the Free User option.  Wait the 20 minutes between downloads, and un-rar the files with something like 7zip (google search it) all at once.  If it says the file is broken when you unzip it, try it again — it always works on the second try for me.  Hmmm.

Anyway.  Here.  WATCH!

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