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None of these add up, but they’re there.

By Billy | November 4, 2009

Please just hold me, squeeze me, heal me
utilize your skill
kiss me, sew me, close me, seal me
breathe through me and make me still

I want to see with the eyes of a child again
and love without knowledge of pain.
I want to marvel, once more, at the mystery
of things like lightning and rain

I want back the pure simple comfort
of holding a bear to my chest
and whispering whispering whispering
“Thank you, I like you the best.”

I would like back boardgames and forts
and action figures, oh! and sports
and band-aids to fix all sorts of things
and antibacterial stings

I want to see with these eyes as your child
and love because of the pain

I want to stop caring
about what they think
i want to forget punctuation.

i want to experiment
play in the sand
see what dirt feels like in my hand

I want to feel lively,
and not so dis-eased.
i want to go home every night and be pleased.

i want to use words
like sad
and hurt

I want to remember
I want to forget
The pain and the feeling
of the blood that I let

I want to try and hold the moon.

I want to tremble when I think of you.
I want to bring my troubles to you.
I want to feel the antibacterial spray
and twitch
and smile
and go back and play.
This time knowing…

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