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Saying this out loud.

By Billy | December 10, 2009

they must have been tiny
they who stole what’s mine
one day I woke up
and everything was fine

i went to sleep
and dreamt
and woke
and slept
and broke

one through infinity
clogged and unclean
no, i wont let you
know what i mean

there’s both
at the same time
too much and too little

there’s neither
or despair

it hurts
you know
to go on like this

to breathe
and walk
and sigh
and be
and all those things

and when my body is shaky
and being alive
means being achy
and there isn’t rest at all here
and i just want to fall here
and i don’t feel you there
and i keep screaming
it’s not fair

and i take back what i said
when i screamed them at you
i didn’t know
what you’d go and do

i smile at my stupid self
and give up on this failing health
and i don’t really care right now
that you are always there somehow

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