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Who are we

By Billy | December 12, 2009

Who am I
to lay down my life
or even worse
to lay down my dagger

who am I to love you
while you destroy my home and family

I’m tired of these tired old “answers”
plaguing our children
and growing like cancers

Worried about these useless solutions
stroking our guns at our revolutions

Who am I?
(No.) Who are you?
I am a human who recently realized
that someday he’ll realize
how unimportant he is.

These children are my children. These women are my mothers. These mountains are my backbones. These rivers are my veins. These birds are my breath.

These notes belong to someone else, a composer I’ve never seen but never looked away from. These words are lyrics for a song that I will always sing. These people are the blood cells pumping through your heart.

Who am I? I am one who will try to love you the best. I am the dirt under your feet. I am nobody.
Who are you, oh powerful, worthy you. You who has the authority to take life. You on the other side of the riot gear, you on the other side of the riot.

There’s no difference,
I heard him say,
between you freaks
and the KKK.

Nobody’s watching,
just give in
they have the power
you will not win.

Stop singing,
and get in the back seat
i said stop singing
recognize defeat.

you don’t know why i’m screaming
or the colors that I see
this air tastes like music
for once I am free.

handcuffs and concrete
orange head to feet

addiction and violence
suffering and silence

There is more to do here. More to learn. More to give. Focus.

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