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Stumbleupon Created another New Post-Type

By Billy | September 14, 2009

So. I stumbled upon a controversial six word story tonight. (At:

It reads, “Five Zombies. Four bullets. Two Zombies.” Did the protagonist shoot four zombies and succumb to the plague as the remaining zombie’s victim, or did they shoot three into zombies and one into themselves, preventing their own undead actions. We’ll never know.

I will probably post random snippets of XWordStories, since I have godly powers in this little WordPress domain that I have created for myself, and that game would please me.

I shall try one with six tonight, or perhaps a story of six words per sentence, or perhaps I’ll get carried off into another rant. Who knows. I’m going to try what feels right. In the future, they might not even have an introduction. 😀

The sunset held his new home.
The birds mocked his restless heart.
Though gravity binds us, we’re free.
If your heart says go, go!
If you’re not quite sure, pray.
Look down. Feet. Look forward. Destiny.

I think I shall submit the conclusion of that 6×6 story. 😀
Happy day!

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