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A Short Meditation.

By Billy | April 12, 2010


The tips of your fingers are storing all the negativity you are capable of accumulating.

That one little inhale has rocked its foundation.  The negative energy is resting in your palms.

Inhale again.  Deeper this time.

Feel it swirl anxiously around in your palms.  Some of it is leaking through to your arms already.  It knows where it’s going.

Breathe in.

Now the negative energy is bubbling around in your armpits.  The last bit of this negativity is clearing itself from your finger tips, flooding out of your palms…

Exhale.  Your body is getting lighter as you do it.

Breathe in.  Focus yourself right behind your sternum.  Fill your lungs with air.  You’re about to breathe out more negativity than you knew you had in you.

Exhale.  Exhale like it’s the first.  Exhale like it’s the last time.

Breathe in.  Deliberately.  This time realizing it is pure.

Breathe out one more breath of negative.

Inhale a flushing breath.  This one will quickly wash down into your fingertips.  This breath comes in and sweeps up the remnants of your worries.

Exhale.  With purpose.  Exhale audibly, firmly, proudly, finally.

Exhale and bid that negativity farewell.  Send it to the universe to be transformed.  Offer it to God.  Bless it and thank it for reminding you what it feels like to feel clean.

Breathe in.  This one seals the deal.  Breathe in and be filled with goodness.


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