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f(conjunction) = 1, 2.

By Billy | March 31, 2010

and you don’t understand the way that I feel

and it’s not nearly my own fault.

and it’s not yours.

and that’s why we need to let it be.

and he doesn’t understand either, but he does just that.

and she doesn’t even know.

but she would if she did.

and you, of all, you.  you don’t do anything.

but for me you do everything.

but you shouldn’t.  i don’t know if i want you to any more.

and then there’s Him.  He’s doing everything.

and it was foolish for me to depart from either of them for you,

and now there’s a new two you‘s, at least.

and none of the You’s i’m ready to find.

and that i can’t bring him into the picture

but you don’t even know how big His canvas is…

and you have no idea

but choose to ignore it

and go on

and on

and on

and i am ready to depart from this.

but i wont because i need you.

because i feel like you’re still Him for me.

but i think i know the answer i’m looking for.

and i don’t think it involves you.

and i don’t think it involves her.

and i’m more ok right now than i want to be

and that might be the way it’s supposed to.

and none of it even matters.

and we have time.

but you had time.

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