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Harald and Ausland part 1

By Billy | June 1, 2011

This is Tale of Harald and Ausland as it has been handed down.  The events in the Tale seem to take place shortly after where The Story of Rumble and the Iron Phoenix had left off.

It was in the Long Days, when the world was Small.  Even in the first few adventures upon the Small, it is said that Ausland had been struck by lightning.  Naturally, he became removed from time and upon his body came a deep sleep. Although he was of different mettle than most, even Ausland had been left troubled by this time divorce; and ever after he had a changed demeanor.  There lived in him seeds of thoughts he did not plant (which, of course, is frequent among those pricked by Thunder’s bolts) and older trees of thoughts no longer bearing fruit. It wasn’t long after that one could catch, even if only with ones eyes, the young Ausland wandering aimlessly, possibly frantically, through the streets and streams of Small, blade drawn and unaware of what he saught.

It was in this manner that Ausland came upon the House of Harald.  Harald was none other than the Earthghost’s Army King.  (To read more about the Earthghost social structure, read the Stronghold of Logmoss)  No one knows what course Ausland would have followed had he known who Harald was, where Harald lived, or even that Harald was, as the strange inhabitants of Small had correctly and frequently explained, indeed a real being.  This story is not about what Ausland didn’t know or didn’t but might have done, rather it is about what has happened, or at least what is said to have happened.

Blade in hand, Ausland came upon the Fortress of Harald, the King of the Earthghost Army and found it rather to his liking.  He believed he could use it for his purposes and whims and thought little of the effort involved to take it by force.  This he set up camp at the base of the Fortress, drew his quick and nimble blade, Augusta, and began cleaving with both hands both upon any living creature and the very Fortress itself.  It wasn’t clear to him who was friend or foe, who was ferocious and who was fearful, or who was fighting and who was fleeing.  These were of no consequence, it seems, because Ausland had his mind made up; whatever thoughts were growing in him had him believing he was entitled to this object of his desire.

There seemed to him to be no coordinated counter defenses.  Rather, it seemed that everyone in the place was self interested, and motivated for different reasons.  This, in particular, seemed to Ausland to be a good reason to bring about a new sense of order in the region.  Thus, he cleaved and killed, sliced, and hacked through whatever he could to accomplish his goal.  Dragons of many different breeds found their way to the stage, and yet Ausland prevailed and was not bested.  Eventually the day grew tired, and so did Ausland’s whims.  Thus he buried Augusta beneath the battle field and marked her resting spot with secret runes, waiting for the opportune day to come and pursue the siege.  It was with joy and back ache of a day well spent that Ausland returned home to his adoptive family, just in time for dinner.

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