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Who is the You that thinks It knows Who It is?

By Billy | June 19, 2011

I love reading about how people don’t do enough for themselves and for the world. I absolute adore getting fired up and hating a system, loathing a process, or grinding my teeth in the general direction of some backwards thing nobody (but me, of course) realizes or cares about. I freaking eat that up.

I haven’t written much lately because I have been making games, playing with dolls, dressing up like women from the 1900s (that was only once), building a banjo, writing plays, and reading. I just started to read an article online about how the environmental movement needs to change because it has become stale, and I actually managed to click the little X and back away. I’m not going to elaborate more on what needs to change or why I didn’t like myself reading that damned delicious article.

I’m going to go put my pen to paper and make things happen. In the past I have usually waited for ideas or poems or words to strike me, and I hope to Gods that I have a pen nearby, and then I decide if it’s good or not and take it or leave it. This trend is coming to an end.  Most of the stuff I make and love, and most of the stuff I see and love, I hardly believe came from me or any other human I know. You can find innumerable quotes by masterful artists who say they are merely the mouthpiece of the art, which seems to exist outside of them. Michelangelo said that David existed in the marble, and his job was merely to bring David out. Is he possibly saying that David existed in some ethereal realm and Mikey happened to stumble on him? I think so.

Ancient Indian thought considered humans to have 6 senses. The extra one (extra only according to us in the Occident) was the mind. I have read of thoughts being like radio waves and the mind / possibly brain being like radios. I’m going to go grab a coat hanger and stand in funny positions until the image and sound come in perfectly clear. You can’t stumble onto (or over) anything worth while if you’re not taking a walk.


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