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WCot[ATF]! Installation #3: Sinfest

By Billy | September 4, 2008

So my dear friend Adella has ruined my life forever.  Yes, she has already been a wonderful help in my spiritual growth, but she has honestly sucked my soul out of my body and given it to satans most devious incarnation. is perhaps the greatest/worst thing ever.  I want my life back!

My spirit tells me that I’m supposed to do homework instead of wasting so much time online.  This will be a major challenge this semester.  <sigh>

Okay.  Well I have been using Stumble! to kill time since it gives me informative pages relative to my interests, spreading from pages about Shamanism, photography, artists, and nerd stuff.  I just stumbled across this comic and thought it was kinda funny.

Here you guys go.  Sinfest:


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